When people install light fixtures obliviously, they usually end up overdoing lights or not having enough brightness in the rooms. Each room of your home or office may have a different purpose and the lighting of each room should reflect that purpose. Mostly, we are aware of what purpose will each room serve; such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, meeting room, dining area, recreational area, corridor, etc. A professional electrical contractor designs and installs lighting by calculating the extract illumination required in each room. In many cases, people are aware of the purpose dedicated to a room, so consulting an electrical contractor can help them cut down on electrical costs and install high-quality products. It is strongly recommended to use the right type of lights, at the right spots to make your rooms functional for the purpose. Thinking that one type of light used in all rooms will fulfill the purpose would affect the specific purpose or application of that room. There are several light fixtures available in the market, but your electrical contractor will choose the best suited for your architecture, needs for the particular room, and energy-efficient options. Your electrical contractor will tailor your indoor lighting based on your unique requirements; for instance, peaceful and soft lighting in the bedroom to induce sleep, provide a romantic ambiance in the dining room, and install bright lights in the study room. You can share your particulars about the requirements and choose from the best light fixture design for your rooms. Your electrical consultant will ensure that light fixtures complement your architecture and interior design. There are mainly four types of lighting installed by lighting experts to meet your specific need comfortably and efficiently. Let’s explore different lighting catered by the reputed electrical contractor:


These are general lights that are commonly used indoors for powerful and complete illumination. Your entire room is brightened at a uniform level with these independent lights, without any other lighting source. The single purpose of ambient lighting is to provide enough light in the room. Easy and safe navigation is ensured with ambient indoor lighting which reflects and bounces off the walls to brighten spaces strongly. Floor lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, track lights, LED downlights, and ceiling-mounted fixtures are usually used as the ambient indoor lighting supply.

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Ambient lighting is not specific to indoors. They are also frequently used in outdoor spaces for a variety of purposes. Often outdoor ambient lights are not only used to brighten the area but to increase the aesthetics of the property due to its decorative accents. Outdoor ambient lights powerfully illuminate the complete area which is why they serve the purpose of safety and security of your property. Malicious intent surrounding your home outdoors can be traced with bright lighting and high visibility, that’s why ambient lighting is preferred to improve security. Besides security from external threats, ambient lighting also fulfills the purpose of general security like brightening your path and protecting you from an accident due to darkness. Lantern, recessed and canopy lighting fixtures on hanging structures, wall-mounted, and sconce lighting, and path and bollard light are usually used for outdoor lighting.


This type of lighting ensures that you have enough illumination to complete the task at hand comfortably. When you consult with a reputable electrical contractor for your indoor home lighting, they tailor your lighting specifically for the activity or task dedicated to the room. Your kitchen, study room, and home office need sufficient lighting to perform all of these tasks efficiently and comfortably. Nothing is more comforting if you have the right balance of light as per the activity you need to complete. Pendant lighting, directional gimbal recessed and downlight fixtures, extrusions, slimline bars, undercabinet, and portable or desk lamps are generally used task lighting fixtures.


Contrary to ambient lighting, accent lighting focus on certain points to emphasize it. Usually, these lights are installed where there is a need to decorate or illuminate the desired area. Accent lights are used to brighten up your paintings, decorations, and other pieces of art that you wish to see as the focal point of the room. Compared to ambient lighting, accent lighting is three times brighter on the focal point because of the narrower beam angle, its output is much higher. So, accent lighting guides you better than another lighting with just a gaze. Track lights, downlight or directional recessed, extrusion or tape, and wall-mounted fixtures are the types of fixtures that are often used for accent lighting.

Accent lighting


Choosing the right decorative lighting is not an easy task. A professional electrical contractor will guide you to select the appropriate fixtures, styles, and designs to bring the right impact of decorative lighting when it is transmitted through the interior or piece of art. As the name says, decorative lights are used to make a strong statement. The direction, size, and color of your decorative lighting fixture may affect the overall look you have in your mind. Decorative lighting should be cleverly placed to ensure that they are aligned with the mood and ambiance of the room. Whether it’s a floor lamp or chandelier, your electrical consultant ensures that you make a remarkable statement with your decorative lighting. Since there are unlimited options in the colors and styles as well as there are multiple places where you can install the decorative lights, it is better to consult a professional lighting expert for choosing the floor or table lamps, wall sconces, and pendant decorative lighting fixtures.


Providing perfect lighting for all rooms specific to the purpose they serve makes your life easier. In your bedroom, you need just enough light to relax and read a book, while in your kitchen and study room you need more light to complete your tasks efficiently. A reputable electrical contractor calculates the lighting required in a room and recommends the most appropriate type of lighting fixtures for the individual rooms. Professional lighting experts know how to bring the desired impact of lighting by using the right type of fixtures and placements. For any help related to personal, business, or commercial lighting design, please contact us!

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