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Do you want professional commercial electrical contractors in NYC with an excellent reputation when you require electrical wiring services for your business? We are providing high-quality electrical services for all your commercial needs. 

Electrician Syracuse NY our team knows the demands of corporate customers since we only work on commercial projects, and we go above and beyond to meet their expectations for quality, integrity, and attention to detail. We guarantee that no matter how simple or complex the task is, it will be completed correctly.

The Following Are Some Of The Most Common Signs Of Faulty Wiring:

If your wiring isn’t working, it’s most likely faulty. It is the most evident indicator and is usually discovered in newer homes before it becomes any worse. However, if you live in a house with prior owners, this isn’t always the case, especially if only a portion of the wiring is defective. If one outlet in a room has never functioned, it’s most likely due to shoddy wiring or installation.

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Your lights start to flicker. This occurs when the connections between the cables and the gadgets are faulty or about to fail. Voltage spikes cause flickering as the current tries to overcome the inadequate connection. It can result in arc faults and provide a fire risk.

Your wiring is secured to the outside of the wall with staples. Even though the cable appears in good condition, it is still considered bad wiring as wires should never be exposed on the exterior of a wall. After all, it is vulnerable to harm. If wiring is installed outside of a wall for whatever reason, it must be protected using an approved conduit.

You detect the odor of burning or melting plastic. Heat builds up on wires carrying too much current or weak connections. It melts the plastic shielding that is applied to all cables. When this plastic melts, it releases a poisonous gas with a unique odor. If you smell this in your home and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, contact a certified electrician immediately. It can save you from calling the fire department if it’s noticed and dealt with soon.

Your switches and outlets are warm to the touch. A switch or outlet that is adequately rated for the current it is receiving should not heat up. If they do, it’s a sign that they’re either improperly connected or that the outlet or switch is defective, and it needs to be changed right away.

Do You Need To Replace Your Lighting? Hire an electric company, Syracuse, NY!

Whether you’re installing new track lights, new recessed lights, hanging a ceiling fan, upgrading existing outdoor lights, or simply switching out a dimmer, trusting us with the job is the best way to ensure it’s done right.

We’ll assist you in designing and selecting the appropriate equipment and units for your home and have them installed in no time. Our business is entirely focused on customer pleasure. Contact our qualified, family-owned electrical service staff to become a member of our family.

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"Amazing service, these guys are great! The tech was honest and most of all got the job done. They answered my questions too and offered advice on how to maintain my electricity. An overall outstanding crew to work with."

 - Alex P.

"These guys are super helpful! Fixed our issues and a few repairs we didn’t even know we needed. Thank you Electrician Syracuse NY!"

 - Dann T.

"They have been our electrician since I can remember and wouldn’t trust anyone else. He explains everything and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. He gives great advice too and genuinely wants to help."

- Sam D.

"We’ve used Electrician Syracuse NY three times now and they’ve always been very professional and courteous. This last time they came out to replace the breaker panel in our home and it was obvious how knowledgeable they really are. Also, they want to help and aren’t there to rip anyone off."

- Luke R.

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