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At Electrician Syracuse NY we take the electrical work in your home extremely seriously. In terms of your way of life and the safety of your house and family, we understand exactly what electricity is and what it means to you.

Electrical Troubleshooting

The topmost important priority is safety! It is critical that all of your home’s electrical repair needs are fulfilled properly, and that all of your electrical systems remain current, up to code, and continually adhere to the highest levels of safety, such as OSHA compliance, throughout the years. We always prioritise electrical safety; while the process of supplying electricity is straightforward, efficiently directing and safely containing it requires the expertise of a qualified electrician.

If you notice that the lights in your home are fading or flickering regularly, this may signal that electrical repairs or adjustments are required.

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All aspects of your home’s electrical system will be checked, tested, and repaired by us, including but not limited to the following:

  • lighting, power outlets, and outlets for appliances.
  • Control Circuits
  • Grounding of electrical systems
  • Outlets for the Outdoors That Are Weather-Resistant
  • Protection Requirements for GFCI and
  • AFCI Systems
  • General Power Distribution
  • Power supply reliability
  • Lighting Circuitry in its Various Aspects
  • Smoke Detectors – Their Location and Function

Do You Require Electrical Repair Services?

Several frequent symptoms may indicate the need for electrical repair services, including the following:

Blown Fuses That Keep Recurring – Blowing a fuse in your home once in a while is usually not a cause for considerable concern unless it happens frequently. If, on the other hand, the problem is recurring frequently, you may require electrical repair. Blowing fuses regularly could suggest an outdated panel or even exposed electrical cables.

Strange Buzzing Sounds Can Be Heard – Strange buzzing noises emanating from your electrical equipment or outlets could indicate that you have loose wiring in your circuit box, which could be dangerous. This type of scenario should only be inspected and tested by a certified electrician because it is extremely risky and has the potential to cause serious injury.

The Smell Of Burning Odours – The presence of burning odours in your home could indicate that you have an issue with your wiring. When this occurs, your home is exposed to a significant risk of fire. It’s critical not to ignore warning flags like this one for long periods. Even though electricity is a wonderful resource, it also carries a significant number of potential risks.

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"Amazing service, these guys are great! The tech was honest and most of all got the job done. They answered my questions too and offered advice on how to maintain my electricity. An overall outstanding crew to work with."

 - Alex P.

"These guys are super helpful! Fixed our issues and a few repairs we didn’t even know we needed. Thank you Electrician Syracuse NY!"

 - Dann T.

"They have been our electrician since I can remember and wouldn’t trust anyone else. He explains everything and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. He gives great advice too and genuinely wants to help."

- Sam D.

"We’ve used Electrician Syracuse NY three times now and they’ve always been very professional and courteous. This last time they came out to replace the breaker panel in our home and it was obvious how knowledgeable they really are. Also, they want to help and aren’t there to rip anyone off."

- Luke R.

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